• VoiceAge EVS LLC licenses a global, standard-essential patent portfolio relating to voice and audio technologies for both mobile wireless and fixed wireline applications essential to the Enhanced Voice Services (“EVS”) industry standard.

  • The VoiceAge EVS portfolio is comprised of more than 420 issued patents & 25 pending patent applications across 14 standard-essential patent families worldwide.

  • This portfolio was developed by VoiceAge Corporation, the world’s premier developer of low-bit-rate voice/audio codecs. VoiceAge Corporation has provided the core technology for more than 9 international wideband speech and audio standards-based codec solutions, and has won every international speech compression standard for which it competed over the past 20 years. The VoiceAge EVS portfolio was acquired by VoiceAge EVS LLC in December 2018.

  • VoiceAge Corporation is comprised of technologists and licensing professionals from the engineering faculty within the Speech and Audio Research Group at the University of Sherbrooke who developed the ground-breaking ACELP technology.

The trademark VoiceAge EVS is a trademark of VoiceAge Corporation used under license.